“Born in Alghero, Marco shapes his cultural mindset growing up within an international environment and getting in touch with people and cultures from all over the world.
In this cultural and dialectical humus he develops his first artistic flairs along with a incessant need to explore new horizons.

His early trips in America and on the coast of Spain trigger the first pivotal inspiration for the young artist.

A fervid mind blended with an anti-conformist spirit. After a long incubation period, featuring a variety of life changing experiences key for his human and artistic path, including a move to Dublin and a period spent in close contact with the cultures of the Mediterranean basin, the urgent need to express himself resurfaces forcefully.

His creative side finally explodes, starting from his own identity roots, in his hometown Alghero.

He attends the local photographic scene, exposing himself as a pure artist, finally overcoming all awe and freeing his untapped talent.

He makes use of the social media as a showcase, also participating in thematic exhibitions and exploring the territory along with other members of the local scene gaining the attention he finally deserves and meanwhile starting to get noticed.

Marco also begins a professional collaboration with the leading local online newspaper (Alguer.it) documenting in a timely and personal way the most important events in town and receiving continuous public appreciations about the quality and fascination of his works.

Emotional impact, refined technique and experimentation all together embody the distinctive features of his unconventional style.

The creation of this website is only to mark a further milestone in the evolutionary path of the artist looking for an ongoing exchange with the outside world and its observers.

Welcome to the visionary world of Marco Fiore.